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Kidney Life article on new ESPRIT information resource

27 Nov 2017

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 Kidney Life article on new ESPRIT information resource

New – 2017 ESPRIT Guide to Immunosuppressant Medicines

28 Sep 2017

A complete guide to immunosuppression after organ transplantation and a description of the various different types of immunosuppressant medicines available in the UK

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 2017 ESPRIT Guide to Immunosuppressants

Immunosuppressant details updated to reflect product withdrawals

13 Apr 2017

Over the past couple of years a number of alternative forms of immunosuppressant agents have been withdrawn completely, and some reductions made in the range of available dosages. In particular the number of different tacrolimus and mycophenolate mofetil products has been reduced. This has been reflected in the latest ESPRIT tabulation.

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 Immunosuppressant bioequivalence tabulation April 2017

ESPRIT tabulation of immunosuppressants updated with latest product data

04 Jan 2017

The tabulation of comparative bioequivalence data for immunosuppressant products, plus NHS list prices as quoted in the BNF, has been fully updated and data on Envarsus (m/r tacrolimus) added. Please note that contract prices may well vary.

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 ESPRIT Immunosuppressant tabulation Jan 2017

ESPRIT and kidney community success with NICE appeal

02 Jun 2016

Our appeal against NICE’s proposal to restrict usage of different immunosuppressants has been essentially successful, with nearly 70% of our points of appeal being upheld. An important achievement for transplant patients by the united transplant community. See full decision document from NICE on immunosuppressant usage in adults. The parallel appraisal for immunosuppressants in children was also consistent with this .

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 NICE final guidance on immunosuppression for renal transplantation

ESPRIT Group oral appeal at NICE hearing on immunosuppressant drugs, 30th March

05 Apr 2016

The ESPRIT Group appealed against the proposed new NICE recommendations which would restrict usage of certain immunosuppressant agents in transplant patients. We were joined by BTS, BRS, RA, BKPA, NKF, BAPN, NHS England. Decision from NICE within 15 days.

New publication on tacrolimus switch in paediatric heart transplants

18 Nov 2015

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 2015 publication on tacrolimus switch in paediatric heart transplant

Guidance issued on repatriation and immunosuppressant switches – based on experts’ experiences

31 Aug 2015

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 Guidance on Management of Repatriation and Immunosuppressant Switches

Meta-analysis adds to the debate on use of generic immunosuppressants

01 Jul 2015

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 BMJ editorial on meta-analysis
 BMJ meta-analysis on generic immunosuppressants

US study shows increased patient confusion and transplant coordinators’ workload as a result of generic immunosuppressaants

19 Jan 2015

A publication from the US on a study amongst transplant coordinators of their experiences with generic immunosuppressants.

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 Transplant coordinators’ study on effects of generic immunosuppressanta

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