Other General Resources

Transplant coordinators’ study on effects of generic immunosuppressanta

Publication on transplant coordnators’ experiences of the impact of generic immunosuppressants on them and their patients. A key finding was increased patient confusion with associated increase in workload for the cooridnators.

BMJ meta-analysis on generic immunosuppressants

PubMed link to Transplantation paper on generic tacrolimus in elderly patients

A study on bioequivalence of Prograf and Tacni in elderly renal transplant recipients highlights differences in practice

PubMed link to Pediatric Transplantation paper on bioavailaibility of generic tacrolimus in paediatric renal transplant patients

A new study published in Pediatric Transplantation compared the bioavailability of Prograf and generic tacrolimus. It found reduced tacrolimus exposure with the generic formulation.

Taube et al tacrolimus evidence review 2014

Review of the use of generic tacrolimus in solid organ transplantation

UKMI brand prescribing guidance

Latest UKMI list of products which should be considered for prescribing by brand. Includes ciclosporin, tacrolimus, MMF and azathioprine.

Article on tacrolimus prescribing and dispensing from Kidney LIfe

Article reviewing the implications of the latest MHRA guidance on tacrolimus prescribing and dispensing

Article from BCPA Journal on prescribing and dispensing of tacrolimus

Article on the implications of the latest MHRA guidance on prescribing and dispensing of tacrolimus

Letter in Pharmaceutical Journal on prescribing by brand

Letter published in the Pharmaceutical Journal which reinforces the importance of the 2012 MHRA guidance on tacrolimus and encourages effective implementation in the community.

Commission on Human Medicines’ latest review on prescribing and dispensing of tacrolimus

Results of the MHRA’s latest review on appropriate prescribing and dispensing of tacrolimus – supercedes advice in 2009 Drug Safety Update

MHRA Q&A document on latest tacrolimus guidance

Q&A document as posted on the MHRA website to accompany the latest MHRA guidance on tacrolimus

PubMed link to American Journal of Transplantation articles 2011

British Journal of Pharmacology review on generic substitution 2011

PubMed link to Transplant International publication on patient survey 2011

ESOT Recommendations

PubMed link to European Society of Transplantation Recommendations on Generic Substitution of Immunosuppressants

Generic substitution terminated in Denmark for oral medicines containing cyclosporine or tacrolimus

Patient survey poster UK at BTS 2011

Pub Med Link to Canadian Experience of Generic Immunosuppression

Renal Association Guidelines 2011

Article on generic immunosuppressants from NKF’s Kidney Life 2011

What the BTS says about generic immunosuppressants 2011

MHRA Drug Safety Update December 2009

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