ESPRIT General Resources

Kidney Life article on new ESPRIT information resource

The National Kidney Federation featured an article on the new ESPRIT information resource in its latest edition of Kidney Life, to help raise awareness of its availability amongst patients.

ESPRIT Immunosuppressant tabulation Jan 2017

2017 ESPRIT Guide to Immunosuppressants

A complete guide to immunosuppression and the various immunosuppressant medicines available for transplant patients

NICE final guidance on immunosuppression for renal transplantation

Coverage of consensus document in BCPA Journal 2011

Immunosuppressant bioequivalence data and prices

Collation of comparative bioequivalence data for ciclosporin, tacrolimus and mycophenolate mofetil products plus NHS list prices as quoted in MIMS. Please note that contract prices may well vary.

ESPRIT Group poster at BTS 2014

Poster presented at BTS 2014 on results of the pilot survey conducted by ESPRIT on patient experiences of switching to generic immunosuppressants

Kidney Life Autumn 2013 feature on new ESPRIT information resources

The Autumn 2013 edition of Kidney Life includes a feature on the new ESPRIT information poster on taking immunosuppressant drugs and associated fuller information resource

ESPRIT Group Survey on Experiences with Immunosuppressants

A short survey to probe patients’ real-life experiences with new brands of immunosuppressants.

General information about taking transplant drugs

Gerneral information about things people with transplants need to know about taking their immunosuppressant medications. Includes information on key drug interactions to watch out for.

ESPRIT waiting room poster on taking transplant drugs

A poster for waiting rooms on key things to remember about taking immunosuppressant drugs. It links through to an additional information resource on the ESPRIT website which provides further details, including key drug interactions.

ESPRIT slide resource 2012

The ESPRIT slide resource, updated as of August 2012 with all the latest evidence and recommendations on use of generic immunosuppressants

Consensus Document updated Jan 2012 with latest generics

Consensus Document updated September 2011 with latest generics

Consensus Document Aug 2011

ESPRIT Group core slides

ESPRIT Recommendations November 2010

Guidance on Management of Repatriation and Immunosuppressant Switches

2015 publication on tacrolimus switch in paediatric heart transplant

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