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ESPRIT stands for Efficacy and Safety of PRescribing In Transplantation. As a multi-disciplinary group, comprised of transplantation clinicians, pharmacists, and primary care representatives, we share a common commitment to ensure the continued, effective and safe treatment of patients through education of healthcare professionals and patients. We first convened in 2000, and our aims are supported by various professional bodies plus the National Kidney Federation, the British Liver Trust and the British Cardiac Patients Association.

All our materials and associated resources can be accessed via this website. For further information, please e-mail the ESPRIT Group Secretariat on

The ESPRIT Group is constituted as an independent company limited by guarantee, full name ESPRIT Partnership Ltd., registered in England and Wales no. 06971971. Registered office: 6 Baldwin Crescent, London, SE5 9LQ. Its activities are open to support by educational grants from interested parties. These have included Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd., Astellas Pharma Ltd., Mylan, Sandoz Ltd. and Chiesi. However, as an independent group, we do not advocate any particular product and our opinions, recommendations and activities are all our own.

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